High Teen Society

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The Hight Teen Society is facilitated by a mother who demands the best for and from her daughters, as well as other moms and teens in the Ward 8 community. They have no public funding and are struggling to maintain. Still the continue to enhance the lives of many teens and parents in need.

Wanted: Arts Advocates

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What happens when you live in a community and you envision improments then you do something about it?

Ward 8 Resident Kwana Royal is not an artist but see has identified a few Ward 8 sites that could use some beautification. She then reached out to the Arts and Humanities Commission who put her in touch with the Ward 8 Arts & Culture Council. Now shes connected to people and processes that could help her vision become reality. Check out the video.

Ward 8 Artist Luis Peralta: Finalist in 2013 Mayors Arts Awards

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Luis Peralta was the only Visual Artist to become a finalist at the 2013 Mayors Arts Awards. We didnt have a mic for the cam so listen closley :)

Ward 8 Resident Explores Aquaponics

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Check out this cool interview with Ward 8 resident Clyde Clark. He's setting up his Aquaponics system and growing zucchini bigger than his arm right in his backyard with no fertilizer or chemicals.

Ward 8 teens are thrilled to meet Teen Sensation Mindless Behavior .

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The Ward 8 Arts & Culture Council excited a group of Ward 8 teens from High Teen Society and else where with an invitation to kick it with the teen pop sensation "Mindless Behavior" at Studio 202. Demont Pinder was painting during the interview and thats always cool.

According to the Mindless Behavior website, thier "Mingling R&B grooves, pop hooks, and hip hop swag, the teen quartet—Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton—has quickly become a modern musical phenomenon with an army of screaming fans following them everywhere. Each member boasts an eye-catching, 21st century fashion sensibility as well as impressive and incendiary dance moves. In the tradition of The Jackson Five, New Edition, and B2K, they're the new vanguard for pop."

Audiences felt that passion as Mindless Behavior swiftly went from touring high schools to opening sold-out tours for Backstreet Boys [This Is Us] and Justin Bieber [Pop-Con]. A fervor for the music swept through crowds on the strength of their first single "My Girl" in 2010. A propulsive pop gem, the song is almost at 14 million views on YouTube, and it was nominated for a 2011 "Viewer's Choice" BET Award.


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The Gateway Pavilion in Congress heights may be the hottest architectual structure of it's kind in the District. As stated on the DGS website, "The Gateway Pavilion is an innovative, flexible, and unique structure designed to serve a wide range of interim uses and allow neighborhood residents and others to experience St Elizabeths East before redevelopment is complete. It is envisioned as a destination for casual dining, as well as a venue for hosting activities such as a farmers’ market and other weekend and afterhours, community, cultural and arts events. It is meant to begin to achieve the vision of the Master Plan in the immediate future while Phase One of development is underway." 

After a series of community engagement sessions that intended to ensure the pavilion is refelctive of, useful to and beneficial to Ward 8 residents, particularly in Congress Heights, we hope to see the community reap some socio economic benefit from activity generated by the pavilion. Much of the feedback from grassroots residents and business owners was focused on economic opportunity. Some of the first activities to activate the site before building the pavilion where managed by companies who were foriegn to the community and there was concern about how impactful their community engagement was.

After an RFP was release for site management and programming, the result is the same, it's managed by an entity foreign to Ward 8. Now the challenge is for Ward 8 residents and businesses to make sure they are prepared and informed. With all the develpment slated for Ward 8, there will be a multitude of opportunities coming soon.

In communities like Ward 8 that suddenly undergo economic development after generations of blight and desenfranchisement, resident could use a little help getting prepared. We hope to see the Ward 8 community, Government project managers and private developers build meaningful relationships that result in socio economic advancement.

Time to step it up Ward 8. Time to partner up DC.

Left to Right: Tendani Mpulubusi El, Allie Byrd, and Rodney Bunn at the Ribbon Cutting.


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